Can Retention be good for Good for a student

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Can Retention Be Good for a Student? Tina Blevins Axia College of University of Phoenix The Encyclopedia of Children’s Health (2008) gives the following definition of retention; “The term "retention" in regards to school means repeating an academic year of school. Retention in school is also called grade retention, being held back, or repeating a grade. Grade retention is the opposite of social promotion, in which children continue with their age peers regardless of academic performance.”(¶1) Grade retention has been an ongoing debate among teachers, parents and educators for many years. When I first chose this debate, I thought that I knew what side I was going to take in the debate. I originally thought that retention was beneficial for students who fell below school standards but after doing research, I have changed my opinion and have to say that grade retention may be a short term fix for struggling students but I do not think retention is beneficial for students in the long run. Grade retention was a common procedure until the 1970’s, when schools started trying other methods to help students, who were struggling, move on to the next grade with their peers. Teachers usually recommend retention for one of three reasons: learning difficulties due to developmental immaturity; severe disruptive behavior due to emotional immaturity; or failure to pass standardized proficiency or achievement tests at the end of specific years. Poor attendance is another reason that students can be “held back”. According to the National Association of School Psychologists (2008); “It is estimated that as many as 15% of American students are held back each year, and 30% - 50% of students in the US are retained at least once before ninth grade.” (¶2) Boys, Hispanic or African American students and students who are learning English tend to be at high risk for

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