Dalton Sherman Video Analysis

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As I watched the Dalton Sherman video I began to reflect on my own classroom experiences with learners particularly the ones that were not successful this past school year. And I had to pause and ask did I really believe in their ability to achieve or was I caught up in the mundane doldrums of teaching. Did I disconnect with those students after they seemingly gave up or their parents did not complete the follow up activities or homework. As young Dalton Sherman kept asking over and over again, “do you believe in me,” I kept hearing my struggling students asking the same question. I am sorry to say I did not. According to Palmer (2007) “I posses the power to create conditions that can help students learn a great deal or keep them from learning at all.” (p7.) Since I am the one who possess that power to create conditions where all students can learn I have to ask what could I have done differently? Accordingly to the Dalton Sherman did I not believe in my students did I let them down by not doing everything I could to get them ready for college or the workforce? Was I connected to all my students or just the ones that were easier to deal with? The third point Palmer up in the text is the ability to connect to the student. Was I not willing to connect with more difficult or hard to deal with families and students. This lack of…show more content…
A recent review of parent involvement research found that parent-child reading activities produce a significant improvement in children's language and reading skills from preschool through high school (Sheldon & Epstein, 2005); another study finds a strong positive effect on student achievement when parents work with students on homework (Van Voorhis, 2003). This involvement from parents facilitates learning success for students and it is my belief that when students begin having success in one area it begins to carry over into other classroom and in

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