Personal Narrative: My Counseling Frame Of Reference

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COUNSELING FRAME OF REFERENCE My Counseling Frame of Reference Daniel W. Murphy James Madison University My Counseling Frame of Reference Two years ago, when I first entered the College Student Personnel Administration program at James Madison University, I was not even sure if I had made the right decision. I was so new to whole world of Student Affairs that I wasn ot prepared for the huge decision that I had made months earlier. Did I want to be in a counseling based program? Or was the administrative based program more of what I was looking for? At the time I did not know the answer. As I prepare to leave the program, I find comfort in knowing that I made the right decision. My experience with both the counseling classes…show more content…
There must also be an intentional plan of action to bring about change. My struggle with my body image and being obese is a good example of changed habits. I felt as though I had no control over my eating habits. Whenever I saw food, I just had to eat it. I also did not enjoy physical activity that much. In the past year I have lost 40 pounds. This did not just happen because of luck. I set goals for myself, was very intentional about how I would lose the weight, and I held myself accountable for daily exercise and portioned meals. I would always reward myself for a successful week. Unlike before the lifestyle change, my reward was no longer food. An individual must have the motivation and desire to change in order for change to take place. The final major construct of my personal frame of reference in counseling is based in the ideas of Brief Therapy. In Student Affairs it can be difficult to have more than one opportunity to interact with a student, staff member or parent. It is important that the time with them is spent well. Brief Therapy was designed to be short in duration. It was created around the concept of having one session with a client. There are many parts of this theory that resonate with me as a helping professional and many of those will be discussed in the section of this paper on Counseling…show more content…
I saw a significant difference between my behavioral meetings during the first semester and those that occurred while I was in the Counseling Techniques course. When I asked a student how the year was going, or what motivated them to violate a policy, I started actually listening to what the student was saying. I paid special attention so that I could recognize any signs of a deeper

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