Should Academics And Athletes Be Paid?

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Henry Smith Mr. Gordon English 1101 November 11, 2011 Argumentative Essay Assignment The importance of academics and athletes has been an ongoing issue for a long period of time. One of the most popular arguments is should students be allowed to play sports if their grades does not meet standards. There are many factors that prove that students’ participation in any athletic program at school should be based on their academics. Discipline, priority and commitment are three factors that support the argument. Students whose grades meet standards and above has shown that they are more discipline to concentrate on their academics and be a part of a team. They have the ability to organize their lifestyle to allow time for studying and not allow the pressures of the sport to overpower their academics. The discipline that they learn during this process is use in many areas of their life beyond the educational formative years. A student has to be discipline enough to understand that the extracurricular activity can be considered a distraction and not a priority. The lesson of priority is very important in this argument because…show more content…
The students that truly want to be a part of a sport would strive for the opportunity to be on the team. An individual can argue that not all students are great in academics so therefore those students will not have the opportunity to play sports. That statement is not true. The standard is being set to allow students to do their best and sometimes their best is a “C”; that is acceptable. At that time this will give room of improvement with tutors and other resources that will allow the students to achieve higher grades. The student will be committed to setting higher goals for themselves because of the expectation that is placed on them from the

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