The Future Of Students Equals Change In Everyone

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The Future of Students Equals Change in Everyone The American people make excuses over and over about why our children are struggling in school, but the true question we need to ask is: why aren’t we doing enough to make a change? A few years ago the elementary school that my children attend had implemented a dual language program. After four years, my children were fluent in Spanish. This program was doing so well, that ninety eight percent of the children in the program tested out gifted. Unfortunately somewhere down the line, the school board members at the district, and state level didn’t think the program was worth keeping. It is truly baffling, and makes a person wonder just where the priorities are when it comes to the education of children. As a result of these broken education systems, along with excessive social activities, and the lack of parental involvement, a high percentage of students are just skimming by when it comes to getting their education. School districts around the country are not doing enough to properly educate children. As a result, this country has fallen far below the international average when it comes to education. For instance, countries around the globe require more from their students when it comes to the amount of homework that a student is mandated to complete on a daily basis. These countries also obligate their students to attend school more hours per day, and more days per year. In essence, it would be in the best interest of the students if our Department of Education received a lesson or two on education from their international colleagues. As much as the public school system is at fault, parental involvement would be a key factor in the success of educating students. For one thing, schools have organizations such as Parent Teacher Organization’s (PTO) set up specifically for the involvement of parents.

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