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In today’s society professional sports and professional athletes make tremendous amounts of money due to us citizens. The money we pay to watch professional sports all goes to the teams, the money we spend on food when were at the games go to the teams. Since pro athletes make such a huge amount of money from our support cheering them on, shouldn’t pro teams and pro athletes pay subsidy taxes for social needs? I believe that professional sports and pro athletes should pay an amount of taxes for social needs. Professional athletes make millions of dollars every year and it isn’t fair for those out on the streets that don’t make money close to a pro athlete. If all athletes would pay an amount of taxes for social needs it would not only help people such as the homeless but also it would improve society and the way it is looked at. For example, take downtown Hastings in Vancouver, there is a tremendous amount of homeless people all crowded in this one area making it look horrible and unsafe for people. If pro athletes distribute a small amount of taxes for social needs, there wouldn’t this type of problem. The money taxed would be used to pay for homes where the homeless could stay and live, rather than have them on the streets. Not only would it help the homeless, but also it would improve the look of society because there would no longer be any more homeless people on the streets, therefore people feel more safe about there city. However, I don’t think that pro athletes should be the only ones to pay taxes for social needs; I believe that team owners and coaches should contribute as well. All in all, it may sound harsh targeting pro athletes to pay an amount of taxes for social needs, but when such people make ridiculous amounts of money per year it wouldn’t hurt them to contribute at least a small amount of money. Also, team owners and coaches should pay an

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