Personal Narrative: Random Drug Testing In High School

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It was the last day of my junior year; it was a nice day and a great day because that meant it was pot smoking season again. Everyone was afraid to smoke during the school year due to the new East Peoria High School Athletic Code. Random drug tests administrated all year and if you were found polluted, it meant a sweet one-third of any sports season on the bench for a year. No one works hard all year to have to sit out of the only fun activities in high school, but athletic code directors and drug test administrators Lori Laredo and Ron Kelch were out to get anyone they could. I was tested once during the year, but there was some people that were tested up to four times, and if I may note, these were supposed to be random drug tests… there wasn’t anything random about them. I currently had been working at Walgreens Drug Store for almost a year, and had just get a job at Komatsu Mining Corporation where I was going to co-op my senior year. I had just recently passed the drug screen for Komatsu and just put in my two weeks at Walgreens before I left to go to Arizona for a family vacation, and then I would just be working at Komatsu when I got…show more content…
I hung out all day, probably played about eighteen holes of golf then had to go to work. I went home, changed and went to work just like any other day, but there was something different about this day. As soon as I walked in and talked to Jamie, the girl that worked in the photo shop, I could tell something was wrong. I went in the office and clocked in then went to the front counter to take my post. Almost as soon as I got up there I was told that someone would be taking my spot momentarily and I would have to go back to the break room and take a drug test. It was the day where they drug test everyone in the store and if you refuse you are fired on the

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