Persuasive Essay: Year-Round School

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Lazara Suarez Thomas Mullen ENW107 Year Round School School is very important for everybody around the word. It is undoubtedly socializing agent per excellence within a community, complementing the work. Also family is essential, unable to be supplemented neither one nor the other. At school children and adolescents impregnate with cultural values that leaders choose to covey. It is also a place where everybody learns to share, and bond birthing that often accompany lifetime. This is why I think in two reasons that I agree whit year round school, one of them; students tend to forget a lot during the summer and on the other hand, decrease in child-care expenses. In the first place, we have students tend to forget a lot during the summer. This is a big time when they have nothing to do. Most of them keep in the house watching TV, playing video game and computer all the time. Nobody keep review the material or remember to study during that period. While shorter vacations might increase retention rates. They would keep receiving enrichment education all the time. Learner’s process requires consistency. If we break that, automatically, we interrupt this process that is so important in people. This is why when they come back to school; they have a lot academic problems. Second and the most important is…show more content…
In the small number of school that are already year round we can see the good result that they have in their state assessment tests where 70 percent of them pass, higher than the school that not participates in this program. One of the reasons is that teacher keeps working slowly and directly with every academic problem more time of the year and they do not interrupt learner’s process. While in traditional calendar they have long time disconnect to school skill and teacher spend six week reviewing the previous year’s lesson when they back to

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