Uniforms Helping Schools

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A’lexûs Austin August 28, 2013 English 1113-M Essay 1 Uniforms Helping Schools Learning in schools has gotten better. Over the past couple years or so, more and more public schools have implemented policies requiring children to wear uniforms. This policy has helped students and schools as a whole. Mandated uniforms have eliminated distractions, equalized student population, and caused students to get dressed faster in the mornings. I understand that some people feel that uniforms are a waste of time, but they can never tell anyone why. It seems as though whatever the schools try to do is always wrong. Students’ ability to get dressed in the mornings has become less and less of a hassle because they do not have to make big decisions on what to wear or what not to wear. The only decision they face is if it is hot or cold enough to wear pants, skirts, or shorts. I know that with my high school requiring school uniforms I was able to wake up an hour later for school. Which was so much better for me since I stayed awake doing extra projects. With everyone wearing close to the same things, it is harder to guess socioeconomic background and discriminate because of it. Uniforms in schools have helped more children want to come to school since they know that they will not be picked on. One of my mentees told me that he would skip school because the other students would pick on him. I’m glad that he can learn without fear out being bullied. Uniforms have brought forth an opportunity for all students to work together without being judged by other students about what clothes are being worn. The only thing that matters is knowledge. Instead of students focusing on what the next student has on, they are paying more attention to their studies. There should not be any distractions that will harm learning. The main goal for schools is to give students an education and
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