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Year-Round Schooling Year-round schooling helps students to improve their grades and life. It can help students by giving them more time to get better homework, quiz, and test grades during the school year. If some students only speak Spanish, then Year-round schooling would be an easier way to help them to learn how to speak English fluently. It may also help students learn foreign languages better than in an average school year. Year-round schooling gives students more opportunities to succeed in their academics and helps them get into a better college. They are then more likely to have a brighter career in their future. Year-round schooling can improve students’ lives, because it helps keep them out of trouble that they may get into during the summer vacations. There are so many advantages in having year-round schooling. Students are able to participate in more sports year-round and become more active and healthier. Students and their families that use school libraries to get their books may not be able to in the summer unless the school has year-round schooling. It makes it possible to be able to check out a book that you want from that specific school. Another advantage is that students can see their friends every day when they go to school. It wouldn’t be like they’re missing anything socially since everyone will be there. There wouldn’t be any reason to be worried about missing anything. The extended year provides time for students who have missed too much school or have fallen behind for any reason to catch up with their learning. (Barber). Some students may have medical conditions which prevent them from coming to school every day like any other student would. The more days you have of school, the better opportunity there is that you will learn more than you would in a regular school year. Year-round schooling is a good idea because it helps

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