Why I'M Doing Bad in Ela

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Every fay I come home from school and head into my room. I think about doing some work, but then I remember I wanted to beat a level in a video game so I don't do my homework. I am doing poorly in ELA because I procrastinate. Sometimes I won't pay any attention in class. I don't look at grade portal or pay enough attention to see the homework assignments. I need to work on this. Because so far I've been too lazy to do so. When I get home from school sometimes I would rather watch TV or play video games than do homework. So I would lie to my parents saying that I am done with work. I also used to do my homework late at night or at school the day it's do like other students. Other times I would have nothing to do for homework so I would say that I'll get tomorrows done today one day before it is due. Stupidly I wouldn't do it the next day either which meant I would get a zero or partial credit. Some days I think I have no home work and won't go on to grade portal to double check. Then I will go to school and realize we had homework or test. Sometimes I would even check, but I would wait to check the morning it is due and try to finish it before 1st period. This is one of my biggest problems. Also I'm not the only person who does this. Sometimes during your class I would spend too much time talking instead of taking notes. Half the time I wouldn't even look at the board. Then of course I go home thinking I have no homework and I'm stupid enough to not check grade portal. Even if I do check the board I don't wright down the homework anywhere I just go ahead and say I'll remember to do it and I never do. These are all my problems I'm just so lazy I don't do the work, but I think I am taking a step in the right direction I mean I was smart enough to do an extra credit assignment right? Sadly I still have a long way to go before I get A's and B's this quarter, but I
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