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Short answers to Mastery Charter’s Application questions. 1. A student that does not require adapted lessons should be held to the same standards as all other students being measured by the same criteria. Having said that, I think there is a problem when students are expected to compete with their peers but have not been prepared. I know we can be overwhelmed by numbers but there should be away to reach students on the levels they are and teach them to the levels were we want them to be. Until each student has been assessed and helped, I do not think we are attacking the problems in the urban environment. This will take many hands and resources but until we support the whole student the outcomes will remain. A child is not measured in my…show more content…
The top three reasons I believe urban students do not perform as well as their peers in other communities are strained home life, cultural influences that do not support education and behavioral disturbances in the classroom. Family life in the urban environment is about survival. Many families are exhausted and see the school as a place where their children go during the day to get what they are not capable of giving them. They have very little interest in exerting any more energy. The cultural influences that inundate students at every turn, exacerbated by the media dwarfs most effort of other social influences. The schools have to champion academic necessity and success. Many of the parents of the students are young and do not have the proper support to raise their children. While there are not overwhelming numbers of this, the percentage is high enough to disrupt the academic environment. I have witnessed what one student can do to a classroom and community of students. There has to be a way to protect the environment for the greater good. Creating a safe and enriching environment is the key to learning. We must reduce the adversity children face and provide structure and
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