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Argument My argument is about the start time of school, I am not an early morning person, and when I went to school in México and you get to choose at what time you want to go, either 7:00a.m. or 1:30p.m, it wasn’t that cool go to school at 1:30p.m. because you get out of school at 8:00p.m. And you can’t really do anything at that time for the next day wake up to school. But I’ll stop talking about how is school there. The start time may be good for some students who are having practice and they’re in a team. For the “normal” students may no be convenient at all, because in the mornings they want more sleep, some of the facts that may be considered to change the start time is that most student may do a lot better at school because they’re awake; there will be less sleeping in class, and the ones who fall asleep are the one that have a job and they can’t get enough sleep during the night. Students will be more active, happy and less dark circles. It may be convenient to the teachers too, they will have more rest after all the work during the day, and teachers happy and in a better mood will leave you less homework and the teaching techniques could involve more learning, more projects because you have energy. But the don’ts are that the will need to study harder because the time of each class will not be enough to concentrate in class, and may need to get some homework at home. And the student will be more lazy because of that privilege. The necessity to go bed early, it will not be funny for the people like me, who likes to watch scary movies at

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