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In Dead End Kids by Michele Manges, she talks about how every teenager who works in fast food; also known as a “Mcjob” is setting themselves up for a job that is only wasting their time. A Mcjob only uses skills that a person already knows just from common sense. Michele argues that teenagers are overworked and the fact that most are asked to work late hours, means less sleep and no time for homework. Teenagers can only do so much while they’re in school. They have assignments to worry about, and they are supposed to be able to enjoy the time the have to socialize and be young. Mcjobs may only be holding teenagers back and dimming what their future holds for them, instead of preparing students for what lies ahead they’re focusing too…show more content…
A lot of teenagers could feel the need to only apply for fast food because that’s where their friends are, or it’s the “cool” thing to do, but what about all of the other options for a part time job there are. As a result of working elsewhere could be more flexible hours, friendly employees, getting homework done before or after work, etc. There are always more options than just the usual “Mcjob”. Do what make you happy.Plus, a part-time job elsewhere could end up be more rewarding in showing you skills that could be useful. All in all, a Mcjob is the start for teenagers to taste their first bite of freedom. Some will hate it, or love it depending on what works for them. A part-time job is most of the time a necessity for teenagers as they wish to start being able to venture out into adulthood, having to pay for gas, wanting to go out with friends. It is important to know what is important to you before applying because a Mcjob is time consuming. Understand that your grades could be in jeopardy if you don’t manage your time correctly, because without a doubt the manager will probably ask for you to stay later. Knowing your options and really looking into them never hurts, and could restore the issue of homework being done because other places don’t have the demand as much as a Mcjob does for more workers. Michele closes with a statement from Prof. Bishop, “The goal is to not get kids to stop working, its to get

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