Why We Should Have Year Round School

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Have you ever put aside school work/assignments the last few days of school, just because you were excited and anxious that summer break was near? You probably started to act up or even fail at that time of year. Don't you think that would be a silly way to fail? Teachers and parents would love to see the kids have good grades, good behavior, and actually learning the subject (not just memorizing for the time being) throughout their school years. Normally during the last few days of school, kids put aside their work because they are excited for school to be done with. When they do that, they start getting low grades. Kids usually don't listen at this time of year. Without kids building up with excitement, they would been good leaders through the years. If kids have year-round school, they probably would keep their grades. Plus, they would also learned good behavior being there so long. They also could be more social instead of being a couch potato all summer long. When kids keep their grades up and has good behavior, teachers get through work being happy and untired. Kids might not be shy anymore. Future generations would be smarter than past generations. Kids could be in one grade during regular school days, then to the next grade in the summer. This will help kids remember what they've learned, instead of coming back from summer vacation not remembering anything. Parents would be glad to see their children working hard instead of giving up from being behind because of summer vacation. The future generations will lead us to a better life. Kids might forget things over the long summer breaks. They would learn more if they didn't have to relearn information they forgot over summer break. Year round schooling would benefit students by allowing them to learn things a few months earlier, then passing to the next

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