Problem Prevention Plan in Classroom

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Problem Prevention Plan: Six Grade Classroom Yvonne McCullum Liberty University My main goals for my six graders the first weeks of class will be to organize my classroom in a group/team setting environment. I will introduce myself and other students, review the class expectations for behavior, class procedures, syllabus, and a "get acquainted" game. Once this is done I will get to academics. I want my students to feel comfortable and love their new environment, a classroom that is fun and safe where learning can take place. My students will develop a community that respects each other in the classroom as well as out of the classroom. Once these goals have been met I feel that the rest of the year will be smooth sailing! (Gallagher, 1999-2012). In the field of education, good classroom management is essential ( Froyer & Iverson, 1999) . Encouraging and establishing student self-control through a process of promoting positive student achievement and behavior is what every classroom needs. Classroom rules and procedures should be established with students the first week of school. Each student should have full understanding and be aware of what is expected of him/her. Providing a safe learning environment where students can participant is a key factor in classroom management. A student needs to feel comfortable with themselves, others, and the teacher, so there can be meaningful discussion and interactions. Teacher and student relationships are essential to ensure a positive school/classroom atmosphere. Rules are stated in this manner, because teacher and student develop the rules together. This way student feels some ownership about how the class is run and is more likely to follow rules and procedures. CLASSROOM RULES: 1. Students will respect others, their property, and school property. (no name
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