Teacher Observation Essay

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Danielle Carter 2/26/2015 Mrs.Carnes My teacher observation mainly consisted of classroom management, instructions given, and analyzing a lesson. An observation is something you watch that takes place when you take notes, and witness something happening. Classroom management refers to how a teacher gains and maintains student actions. Instructions are given when the children are handed an activity, or while they progress in an activity. Analyzing a lesson is observing what’s being taught, introduced, received by kids, and used to teach the lesson. Ms. Joanna gets students attention by reading a book on subject that she’s about to teach, and sing songs themed around lesson. For example, Ms. Joanna demonstrated magnets attracting magnetic objects in classroom. Then, she read the book magnets. The math lesson 3D shapes; she used a YouTube video – 3D shapes –and the kids got up and dance to the song. After the song they did a shape sorting activity on the smart board. Also, Ms. Joanna ensures their attention by making eye contact, and questioning, and paraphrasing their responses. For example; Ms. Joanna calls on a student to answer a question. She closes the lesson by writing students responses on a dry erase board, and verbally reviewing key concepts. She makes sure kids understand, if not she would reteach the lesson, while trying a new strategy. If a child doesn’t get the concept of one strategy it’s always good to try another. The three instructional techniques used by Ms. Joanna cooperating teacher are Hands on activities, guided practice, and individualized instruction. Three methods of evaluation/assessment used by Ms. Joanna are progress monitoring, verbal evaluation, and homework. The three teaching aids and materials used by Ms. Joanna are manipulatives, weekly reader, and play dough. Manipulatives are used for teaching subtractions. She used weekly
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