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Core Competencies: Rigorous learning is a core competency that we encourage in our district. Rigorous lessons will emphasize the critical thinking skills of our students. A rigorous lesson can be a simple lesson, such as telling time on an analog clock, and escalating the lesson to enable the students to understand time in different ways. This is a process the teachers collaborate on with their peer teachers and share new ideas about their rigorous lesson. It also allows them to increase the higher order of thinking within the lesson and bring it up to a level of understanding to where each child is challenged based on their own method of learning. Although the first competency of rigorous learning and planning the lessons are encouraged, another competency of this component is professional development. Professional development helps teachers with every aspect of their work environment. We incorporate professional development in our organization by attending all of our staff meetings, monthly grade level meetings, and in-district workshops. The professional development meetings inform the teachers of how to incorporate rigorous learning into their lessons and also explains what the district expects to see from the staff. To meet the goals of our action plan, the teachers need to align their lessons with the core curriculum. Professional development helps them stay on task with these strategies. Principals also use out-of-district professional development classes to refine any weaknesses of the teachers in our school building. For example, if a teacher has a hard time with classroom management, our principal will suggest a professional development to address classroom management skills for that particular teacher. These are ways our district communicates and aligns each building and staff member to follow the common goal of our organization. The third core

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