Explain the Strategic Purposes of Members of the School Team

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TDA 3.2 School as Organisations Unit 2.1 Explain the strategic purposes of members of the school team It is important and helpful to understand how schools are organised in terms of the different roles and responsibility that members of the school team have. MEMBERS | DESCRIPTION/PURPOSE | School governors | Usually a team of 10-12 people or more who provide strategic leadership and accountability in schools. The team must have at least one parent governor and one staff governor in addition to the Head Teacher. There are also appointed Local Authority and Community governors within this team. Their many responsibilities include: * Setting aims and objectives for the school * Setting targets and managing policies * Finance management * Monitor and evaluate the school’s progress and adopt new ways to improve its performance * Work closely with the local community * Work closely with the Head and senior management team * Appoint staff, including Head and Deputy Head Teachers * Attend meetings to discuss personnel issues, community cohesion, the school site etc. * Produce reports for both parents and the school | Senior management team | The team is made up from more experienced staff and will include the Deputy Head, SENCO and heads of subject areas such as literacy, numeracy, ICT etc. They work closely with the Head Teacher and meet at least once a week to discuss issues raised concerning the running of the school. They also discuss the School Improvement plan, a document which sets out priorities for the school over a 4 – 5 year period. The information gathered from these meetings is then collated and distributed to teachers and support staff usually through the staff intranet, emails and the school website. | Other statutory roles e.g. SENCO, Foundation Stage manager | As schools are legally required to fairly implement its various
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