Shc32 Essay

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1. Understand what is required for competence in your own work role 2.1 Describe the duties and responsibilities of own work role 2.2 Explain expectations about own work role as expressed in relevant standards 1.1 The main objective of a learning support assistant is to assist in the support and inclusion of children with special education needs in the classroom and school activities. According to Bruce and Meggitt(2006), the following are qualities that I, as a professional working with children and young adults should have: * listening * comforting * empathy * sensitivity * patience * respect * interpersonal skills * Self-awareness * Coping with stress Also, according to Bruce and Meggitt (2006), the responsibilities that I, as a professional working with children and young adults are: * Confidentiality * Commitment to meeting children’s needs * Responsibility * Respect * Effective communication * Continual professional development Therefore I maintain confidentiality of students and students’ records, work co-operatively with school administrators, special support personnel, colleagues and parents. I must also facilitate home-school communication by such means as holding conferences, telephoning and sending written communications. I must also always ensure they are available to students and parents for conferences according to system policies. I must also demonstrate communication and interpersonal skills as they relate to interaction with student, parents, other teachers, administrators and other school personnel. As an LSA, I must comply with rules and regulations and policies of governing agencies and supervisory personnel. The procedures and rules of the school must be adhered to. It is very important that I conduct assigned classes at the times scheduled and must also make
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