My Philosophy of Classroom Management

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My Philosophy of Classroom Management Classroom management is a term used by teachers to describe the process of ensuring that classroom lessons run smoothly despite disruptive behavior by students. This term can also refer to the prevention of disruptive behavior. Many consider this as one of the most difficult tasks for new teachers. The basis for classroom management involves clear communication of both, the behavioral and academic expectations, as well a cooperative learning environment and proper time management. In order to successfully maintain proper order in the classroom, we must engulf a vast amount of actions, such as classroom climate, parental involvement, environment, student expectations, rewards and consequences, classroom procedures, and student motivation. My general belief about managing the behavior of children/youth in the classroom is that no child is totally the blame, and therefore disciplinary practices should mirror the school and classroom policies implemented by the teacher. Also, parental involvement in the disciplinary process is a must. In the pursuit of proper classroom management and to avoid misbehavior; appropriate curriculum and teaching strategies must be considered. In this we must consider class size, composition, planning time, cultural and linguistic barriers, and access to equipment, materials and other needed resources. Standards for Classroom Behavior and Creating Positive Peer Relationships In order to manage a classroom properly, we must first consider the classroom climate which can include both teacher-student and student-student relationships. This starts by developing strong and concise teacher-student relationships. We do this by stating and teaching classroom rules, policies, and objectives from the very beginning and initial introduction. We must define desired behavior clearly and explain

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