Classroom Management Theories

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Running Head: Theories NBT Task 1: Classroom Management Theories Rob Tippett Western Governors University NBT1: Classroom Management, Engagement, & Motivation Mentor Robert Bott Abstract For this task I will be creating a personal philosophy of classroom management related to my area of licensure in Special Education. This work will explain how elements of classroom management theories influence my personal philosophy in; self-management, self-efficacy, student motivation, and student engagement. I will also be looking at strategies for managing routine misbehaviors into my classroom management philosophy. My philosophy on classroom management focuses on creating a calm, safe environment for each student. I will create this environment through an engaging curriculum, personable interaction, topic orientated discussions, and group work. Since my license will include an endorsement in Special Education my classroom management will include a focus on flexibility defined as the ability to respond to the moods, emotions and the capabilities of my students on any given day. Meeting the needs of my students, based on their individual need, will be a crucial part of my classroom management structure. I will accomplishment this by promoting self-management and self-efficacy in my students to the best of their abilities. Creating a predictable, consistent, and success-oriented environment will promote self-management in my students by creating, basic, daily routines with limited changes (Savage & Savage, 2010). These predictable and consistent routines will drive a success-orientated environment by reducing student anxiety creating a positive self-efficacy within each student (Savage & Savage, 2010). With my endorsement in Special Education the ability to create and keep basic routines will be directed by the physical, emotional, and
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