Appropriate Bahavior Case

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Appropriate Behavior Expectations Case Study ECE 201 Professor: Sandra Harley April 18, 2012 Working with children is a very rewarding job, however it is challenging as well. There are many expectations that are appropriate behavior in the classroom and as teachers we can hope that these behaviors be carried out when the child is outside of school as well. Establishing norms and expectations in a classroom is a very complex, and long term task. What is an effective classroom? Well in my opinion each person will have his or her own opinion about that answer. I believe an effective classroom is when things transition from one routine to the other smoothly with no disruption. An effective classroom needs rules and organization, in order for the classroom to be successful. Rules are statements of a teacher’s expectation for each student’s behavior in the classroom. A teacher needs certain expectations; (specific behaviors or outcomes) in order for the classroom to run smoothly. Three expectations, for appropriate classroom behavior are: 1. Raising your hand. a. This is an expectation most teachers have, since raising your hand when you need to talk allows for less distraction and more control of the classroom. If all the children decide to talk at the same time it would create chaos. 2. Arriving to class on time a. This is an expectation, since this also allows the teacher control of the classroom. If all children showed up to class whenever they chose the teacher would have to constantly stop teaching to help the other children put items away or show them where they are to go in the class. 3. Implementing classroom rules a. This is an expectation, since children need to learn to follow rules, in the classrooms as well as outside the classroom. Teachers who spend less time discipline the children due to lack of rules

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