Understand How Schools Are Organised in Terms of Roles and Responsibilities

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Becky Hargreaves Unit 2 Understand how schools are organised in terms of roles and responsibilities. 2.1 Explain the strategic purpose of: School Governors The main role of a school governor- To help raise the standards of achievement. Governors are accountable for the performance of the school. Monitor and review the performance of the school. Make decisions about the budget and staffing. Make sure the school provides for all students including those with special needs. Help to shape the direction the school is going. Governors are at the centre of how a school operates, their role affects the interests of pupils, staff and how the school is seen by the parents and local community. They have to be prepared to both support and challenge the head teacher and staff by gathering views asking questions and deciding what is best for the pupils. Senior Management Team This is usually the Head Teacher, Deputy Head and Heads of Departments, Special Needs Coordinators are sometimes members too. Their role is to set and manage the strategic direction of the school. They also lead any changes in the school and make sure the school is doing its best to deliver the strategic direction for the pupils attending the school. They are aware of the current state of the school and are key in launching new initiatives that can motivate the whole school and keep track of these initiatives once implemented. Teachers Teachers are responsible for educating the children in their care, they play an important role in nurturing pupils intellectual and social development. A teacher - Prepares and delivers lessons that cater a wide range of abilities. Records and monitors the progression of students. Ensures interest in learning through enthusiastic and motivational presentations of lessons. Meets with parents and gives feedback regarding the

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