Creating a Productive Classroom Environment

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Creating a Productive Learning Environment Jennifer Glencer Nova Southeastern University Abstract This paper focuses on the learning environment and how to create it productively. Classroom arrangement and goal oriented atmospheres can allow a teacher to have a learning environment where students have a sense of community and are productively engaged. Rules and procedures that are enforced on a regular basis can also add to the classroom. A teacher with respect for every student and withitness will have a productive learning environment for the students. Creating a Productive Learning Environment Teachers have long known that learning environments have to be productive for students to succeed. When creating these environments, teachers have many issues to address. Classroom arrangement and producing a goal oriented atmosphere are just the beginning. Teachers must also create a sense of community to where each student belongs and feels respected. Rules and procedures have to be enforced regularly so that students are aware of what needs to be done so that they are productive and engaged every day. Some teachers have a mind set of knowing what is going on throughout the classroom, which is known as withitness (Ormrod, 2009). With each of these issues addressed and properly in place, students can succeed in their learning environment. When teachers acquire their classroom, the class arrangement is the first issue that is addressed. The class arrangement leads to a productive learning environment by informing and engaging the child. The physical environment, according to Reggio Emillia, is essentially “another teacher” (Shalaway, 1998, p. 15). This extra teacher can motivate students to learn and reduce problematic behavior. Teachers have varying styles on how desks should be arranged (Shalaway,
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