Waiting For Superman Essay

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A nation’s children are at risk from a failing education system. School systems all over the United States are making attempts to change and improve the school systems and quality of education. In the documentary Waiting for “Superman”, director Davis Guggenheim explores the crisis and uncovers the truth behind the shocking issue. Due to the United States failing education system, students are not receiving the education they deserve which will contribute to their lack of success in life; therefore as educators, parents, political leaders, business people, and concerned citizens we need to work together to accept the truth to save our education system. What are the problems our schools face? Statistics are showing us some serious issues in our education system. It is now eight years after the No Child Left Behind program and we have four years left to reach the act’s goal of one hundred percent proficiency in reading and math. However, most states are only twenty or thirty percent proficient. The United States is ranked twenty first in science and twenty fifth in math among thirty developed countries. The United States produced thirty percent of the…show more content…
What are the solutions to this national issue? All students need knowledge and skills to be successful in a constantly changing world. By evaluating schools throughout the country we can learn what issues are present and how to take action to make reforms. There are ten elements of a successful school that have been identified by the Alliance for Excellent Education. They include challenging classes, personal attention for all students, extra help for those who need it, bringing the real world to the classroom, family and community involvement, a safe learning environment, skilled teachers, strong leaders, necessary resources, and user-friendly information. These elements will determine the success of each individual student and create a learning environment made to fit their
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