Unit 307 1.1

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Unit 9 1.1 Teachers are primarily responsible for following and delivering the national curriculum, lesson planning and providing the necessary resources for the children; they also develop and adapt learning activities to meet the needs of each group of children who will need them. They set out a clear LO so that pupil progress can be measured, and make children aware of their learning intentions, this will then decide whether each child requires more or less in their learning and targets will be set. If pupils have not made steps towards their LO, either the learning objective needs to be modified or the teaching tactics changed. A teacher’s responsibility also involves; Maintaining an ongoing record of each child’s progress. Identifying the individual educational needs of all children. Keeping children informed about their individual performances and achievements. Keeping parents up to date, so as to identify their child’s strengths and areas for development. A teaching assistant plays a vital role when it comes to assessing a child’s progress in class, not only do we supervise support children in groups but are also involved in assessing a child’s performance in the subjects in the school curriculum. A TA provides help and support to both teachers and pupils, as well as supporting children in the classroom in a variety of different ways. Teachers should discuss with the TA, what activities will be taking place, in order for the TA not only to prepare and organise resources, but also to have a clear understanding of the LO for each class, and to know what they should be doing in order to help each child achieve this. TA’s responsibilities within the classroom also involve helping with teaching provisions, maintain records and liaise with parents. One of the main roles of a TA’s job is to relay, explain and support the children in how to do the work. Then
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