EDG 6920: Colloquium In Curriculum And Instruction

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Florida International University FIU EDG 6920 Colloquium in Curriculum and Instruction ID# 3844684 Andrea Dennis Cohort 5 19/11/2012 Submitted to: Dr. Sarah Matthews Abstract Peer tutoring is commonly used in classrooms. The purpose of this study was to examine if peer tutoring can be used to improve the reading comprehension skills of students with mixed abilities in a rural multi-grade classroom. This study was conducted over a four week period. In this research I used a qualitative and quantitative research to collect and analyze data. All sixteen (16) students were ranked from highest to lowest performance in reading levels for example reader #1 was paired with reader #13, reader #2 with reader…show more content…
Students are taught to develop their skills through specific techniques. They are encouraged to review and ask questions during tutoring sessions based on the teacher’s instruction. Students generate questions and draw conclusions through reciprocal peer interaction. The reinforcement they receive while working in groups motivates learning. These sessions create a classroom where student pairs can work on different levels and on different types of problems (i.e., word problems or counting) or at varying reading levels. Teachers can meet the individual needs of students while keeping the entire class engaged this is evidence of…show more content…
After five minutes the students switch roles and reread the same selection. Task 2: Paragraph Shrinking-students must state the main idea in ten words or less which encourages them to display and monitor comprehension while taking turns reading one paragraph at a time. Task 3: Prediction Relay- a partner predicts what information will be in the next half page of text, and then reads out loud to find the information. This reading exercise includes use of the prior tasks (i.e., correcting errors and summarizing the text). I will interject when assistance is needed. Each student then separately answers the passage on activity sheets. All students also answered question to the students as a whole group. All the students in the study completed reading comprehension at the end of week two to four. A survey sheet was also given to all students. I read the questions on the questionnaire and the students made note of their responses on the questionnaire. The students’ answers will be scored and the results examined to determine the effectiveness of peer tutoring on reading comprehension

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