Tda 2.6 Essay

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Name; Nicola Bull Date; 21/9/2015 Evidence; Signature; TDA 2.6 (3.2 3.4) My team Head teachers role: The head teacher oversees the day to day running of the school this includes its staff, pupils and grounds. The Head Teacher holds the responsibility of building relationships in the community and also to maintain a safe and effective working environment for their staff and a safe happy environment for the pupils. The head teacher also has overall accountability to ensure that the school is compliant with government guidelines, policy and law. Teachers Role: Teachers are responsible for teaching lessons in a imaginative and informative way whilst still sticking to their guidelines of the curriculum. This helps the children to enjoy their learning a little more. It is also a teacher’s responsibility to build up a communicative relationship with parents as this helps whilst guiding the children in the classroom and a t home. My role Teaching assistant: the teaching assistant has the responsibility of aiding the teacher where necessary during lessons, trips and other school activities. They also may have the duty of assisting small groups of children in lessons on their own and helping with interventions in topics such as numeracy and literacy. The teaching assistant is also the post of call for parents if the teacher requires it. Senco’s role: these hold the responsibility of being in charge of any special needs cases that arise in the school. They are responsible for maintaining a relationship in a mentoring role with the teachers/teaching assistants that deals with the case. They are also responsible to keep up to date records of anything that has taken place within this case from training to working alongside outside bodies. They are also responsible to keep training up to date within their team so they can offer the best level of
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