Special Education Philosophy

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------------------------------------------------- Alicia Phillips - Philosophy of Teaching Western Governors University | ID#000227785- Elementary Education and Special Education K-12 My philosophy of teaching is still developing, I have yet to set foot in a classroom as the educator. I have studied behind mountains of books and worked with kids my entire life and I know what I want for my students but as I am developing as an educator so are my view points, strategies and philosophies. I am enthusiastically ready to lead a classroom but I also know that my education as a professional is an ongoing, ceaseless process still in its infancy. I can however tell you what I want education to be in my classroom. * Collaborative- This is…show more content…
Assessments are a crucial part of education and there is a need to measure where student are at in order to adjust curriculum and motivation. This needs to be done carefully and with very high consideration of the student’s emotional well-being. Rewards systems and positive reinforcement are crucial to creating a supportive environment that students want to be present in. * Nurturing- Creating a love for learning will make learning easier. Finding ways to make the material fun, engaging, and easy to comprehend will nurture a love of learning. Treating students with kindness and respect and helping them learn to apply that to others to create a positive and nurturing environment. * Differentiated- Making sure to include visual, audio, and tactile facets to all curriculum so that each individual will have the best chance possible to understand the material not matter their learning style. Working in pairs, small groups and classroom projects where partners and assignments are chosen based on the individual needs of the students. Keeping charts on each student for educational, social, and behavioral goals and personalizing the reward and recognition that they get for their effort and
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