Explain Why It Is Important To Be Able To Support Children's Learning And Development

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The following essay is going to assess theories in regards to creativity, active learning, play and children learning and development, these theories will include…. These will also be critically analysed looking at competing perspectives of theories. The importance of creativity and critical thinking will be analysed and the impact it has on children’s learning and development holistically within the setting- ( add more info) The capability to resource and create an appropriate environment that will stimulate and interest young children’s learning and development will be demonstrated through discussion of how the setting achieves goals of supporting each individual child. To support the discussion photographic evidence will be provided within appendices A. Also…show more content…
Within pracitce Effective practitioners have a duty to value each child's indivudial needs and likes.children have to experience something before they get a true understanding of what it is like. Example. For the setting to be effective, practitioners must challenge and support children's philosophies of their doings, practitioners muct get involved in the childs thinking process. The practitioner can then be attentive of what the child shows an interest in andhave knowledge of whast the child understands. This can support the children's thinking and extend their learning. Practtitoners withing the setting role play how to be creative with divergent thinking. Model being creative, for example. Childen within the setting understand they have freedom to access all resources, but have also developed an understanding that it is important to put equipment back back where it belongs. (Montessori) within practice it is vital to practitoners to gain an understanding of how they support the childrens creativity and crititcal thinking, so often record how practitoners interact with children and then reflect upon it for future development and

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