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Standardized Testing and How it Impacts Children Standardized testing first appeared with the acceptance of the No Child Left Behind Act. This act was intended to uphold public schools to an extraordinary standard of education, measured by students’ scores in the statewide standardized tests. However, many faults exist with current standardized testing, that could hinder children’s educational growth and also inhibit the growth of a school district itself. Some of the faults found with standardized testing include increased pressure on schools and children, inaccurate measurements of learning, “teaching to the test”, loss of instruction time, score manipulation, cultural bias found in standardized tests, delay in return of test results, and…show more content…
In 2013, education research organization FairTest printed a list of established cases of state test scores handling at least 37 states and Washington, D.C.. According to ASCD Educational Leadership (March 1999, vol 56, Number 6, Using Standards and Assessments, pg 8-15), critics fear that school overseers may also be attracted to force the low-performing students into special education, so their test performance will not impact the schools’ and districts’ cumulative scores. By forcing these students into special education classes, they are being denied educational opportunities that can impact their future, and possibly impact their role in society. Readings issued by The Harvard Education Review and, have emphasized the problem of ethnic bias in standardized testing, with their essential argument stating that standardized tests asked students to lure knowledge that they are more than likely not to acquire in…show more content…
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