Evaluate Own Roles and Responsibilities in the Lifelong Learning Sector. Review Your Roles and Responsibilities in Identifying and Meeting the Needs of Learners

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Question 2: Evaluate own roles and responsibilities in the lifelong learning sector. Review your roles and responsibilities in identifying and meeting the needs of learners Answer: The role of a teacher in the lifelong learning sector should be to meet the needs of the learner, the organisation and the needs of regulatory bodies. However, the bulk of the role of a teacher in lifelong learning rests on meeting the needs of the learner which borders on playing the role of a learning facilitator. By doing this, the tutor will enable learners to successfully achieve their goals. To better understand this aspect of the role of the teacher, one would have to understand the teaching and learning cycle The teaching and learning cycle The teaching and learning cycle enables training to be effective if all the stages in the cycle if followed through. Identification of needs: As a tutor, my first role in the teaching and learning cycle would be to identify learners’ needs and the needs of the organisation. It is suggested that this is carried out before teaching starts. In an ideal situation, the learner would have completed some documentation that will provide the tutor some advance information on the learner. An example of this would be in a case of a learner who requires extra support i.e. for dyslexia or a leaner who requires specialised equipments. Planning and Design: This stage would require that I prepare a scheme of work and/or session plans for the course that I will be teaching. I would also be required to, devise resources and teaching/learning materials which includes some handouts and to also design activities for learners to carry out. In case of new learners, I would be required to carry out an induction; this induction usually starts by introducing the learners to each other with an icebreaker activity. The icebreaker activities are to enable
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