Dr. Michaels's Statement

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What does the statement, “Students not only care what you know, but want to know you care” mean to you? This statement to me means, that there are students who not only seek for a teacher with knowledge, but a teacher who will appreciate them as a student, and encourage them to succeed. This is because many students are discouraged by those teachers who are in a classroom because it is their job rather than their passion. Everyday I encounter different students with different personalities, but through my experience with children, I have learned that, the most common students are those who are in need of a caring hand and support. For example, I once worked with a group of fifth graders who were all very well behaved, but there was one boy…show more content…
That is when I realized that he wasn’t necessarily a “bad” student he was just a young child who needed motivation and someone who would just care. That is the meaning that I found within Dr. Michaels statement. How does a classroom teacher garner respect? There are many methods that a teacher can use in order to gain their students respect. For example, the most effective method would be, to respect the students and their feelings before they can respect you. Dr. Michaels stated that, “You will gain respect by knowing the emotional, physical, and psychological place of your students. “Show that you care.” This all leads back to students wanting to know that their teacher not only cares about their education but them as an individual. As an after school instructor, I have dealt with many cases where a students didn’t feel like they had to show me respect right off the bat. Which is something that I can understand, because children don’t really comprehend the importance of respect or manners, its something that has to be taught to them. Not only that, but patience is very crucial when working with children, because there will
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