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094 1.1 Children and young people may have different relationships with the different people that they come into contact with on a regular occasion. The relationship that the children or young people have with their parents can be very private but also it could be very loving. The parents would provide care and support for the child in order for them to achieve the best outcomes possible during their life. Teachers would have a professional relationship with the child or young person which involves giving them their education but also ensuring that the child is safeguarded and whilst they are within their care they are looked after at all times. They also must provide the child or young person with help if needed which could be on home life or education. Children and young people could have a different relationship with other family members rather than their parents in this case they could be more confident to speak to the members about different subjects. Children and young people all tend to have relationships with their friends to which children would be confident to play with and young people would be confident to speak to about any problems that they may have. Around strangers children and young people wouldn’t have a relationship with these as they do not know the person and therefore they wouldn’t have gained their trust in order to be in their presence or care. 1.2 It is very important for all educational workers to have a positive relationship with the children or young people in order to gain their trust so that they are confident to speak to the workers around but also so that they feel comfortable in your presence which will then make them able to learn more. Children and young people can become shy and feel non worthy around individuals that do not notice their presence, if they feel this way then the child or young person will not
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