Self- Contained Classrooms

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Reshae Head SPE529 Reflective Journal Self-Contained and Inclusive Classrooms Self-contained classrooms in my opinion are great for students who have similar abilities and are trying to achieve a common goal. Self-contained classrooms allow teachers to focus on a minority group of kids that may need help that the majority of the kids may not need. This allows for certain students not to be held back, while others may need to slow down and receive special instructions or accommodations. I also like the fact that in a self contained setting, students are around kids with similar struggles so they tend to feel more comfortable and be more engaging during lessons. The only negative I see in the self-contained setting is the fact that the kids are sometimes cut off from the general education students. Socializing and interacting with other students is very important during a student’s educational experience. This is the time where kids learn to be tolerant of other people’s differences and learn to work with others. The inclusive classroom to me should only be prescribed on a case by case basis. I feel it is a good idea in theory but in some cases it is just not a reasonable solution to me. Some disabilities are so great that I think it would do a student a disservice to be placed in a regular class. One thing I can say I like about the inclusive classroom is the fact that students get to interact with students that they normally would not. I am torn between the two when it comes to which classroom setting I think is better. I think it should be up to an educational team on which situation fits the student the best. Some special education students can thrive in an inclusive classroom with the right accommodations. Then there are some students with disabilities so severe that there are not any accommodations that could be provided to make them
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