Roles, Responsibilities And Boundaries Are As A Teacher

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Level 3 PTTLS ASSESSMENT 1 1.1Explain what your actual or perceived roles, responsibilities and boundaries are as a teacher in terms of the teaching cycle. I perceive that my roles as a teacher are to deliver effective training and supporting the learner either directly or indirectly and to maintain an inclusive, equitable and motivating learning environment. I understand that as a teacher I will be identifying the need s of learners, planning and designing resources facilitating teaching and learning resources, assessing learners, evaluating learners performance and my own CPD. I am responsible for the health and safety, moral and physical welfare of my students/learners. I am also responsible for catering for students with learning disabilities. My responsibilities as a teacher is to be knowledgeable in my subject area which is catering and keep up to date with legislation codes of conduct and changing guidelines…show more content…
1.5 Explain the need for record keeping. At Salford City College record keeping is important from the onset of application form, CV, Interview, initial assessments, registers of attendance, individual learning plans , skills scans and or action plans schemes of work, session plans, progress and one to one reviews, logbooks, assessment sheets minutes of meetings and standardisation through to internal verification for the purpose of the external verifier. These records must be kept in the learner’s logbooks so that at any time the IV or EV can moderate that the teachers are maintaining the awarding body and regulatory requirements, such files must be kept for a minimum of 3 years and should be kept confidential and secure. Michael Hales
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