Engage in Personal Development

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1.2 Explain Expectations about own work role as expressed in relevant standards: The provision of young children’s Learning and Development. The provision of young children’s Welfare. To provide age approriate activites for the children. Support all areas of development. Record Childrens Developmental Progression. Not discriminate against any child. Team work – Good communication between staff. meet the needs of each child who attends your provision. help each child enjoy their learning and make progress towards the early learning goals. provide a balance of adult led and child led activities that help children to think critically, play and explore and be active and creative learners. have good expectations for children and enthuse and motivate them. plan for individual children, taking into account their culture and background, including any children with special educational needs and/or disabilities, those learning English as an additional language and those who achieve beyond what is expected to ensure that you are offering an inclusive service and that each child receives an enjoyable and challenging experience across all areas of learning. support each child in their learning and work with parents and carers as partners in children’s learning and development. understand your responsibilities in meeting the learning and development and safeguarding and welfare requirements of the EYFS. oversee the educational programmes to ensure that all areas of learning are includedand that assessment is consistent and used well to inform planning. promote equality and diversity and have a clear overview of the progress of all the children who attend. evaluate your provision, use this information to identify priorities for development and set challenging targets for improvement, with a focus on children’s achievements. work in partnership with parents and
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