Parenting Skills 1.08 Answers

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Review Questions 1. A biological parent is a parent who was with there significant other to create the baby. An adoptive parent is the parent who adopted a baby that wasn't there's meaning they didn't carry the child, the child was already born and put up for adoption. A foster parent is a parent who cares for the child only for a time period until they are moved to another foster home or until they are adopted. 2.Parents are obligated to provide food, a place to stay, clothes, and doctors appointments/check ups. Some parents give what is necessary only others give extra stuff and necessary stuff. Optional stuff are toys, electronics, games, phones, etc. 3. Some others needs that parents should provide are food, clothing, shelter, medical care,love, and education. 4. I think a nurturing parent should try to give there children everything that they lacked as a child. They should help support their children in good and bad times. They should try to help there kids reach there goals and make there future bright. Critical Thinking Questions 1. Being a good parent is just to be understanding in every situation that your child may or may not be getting into. They have to have the love and support for each child that they are raising. Just to always love the child to the fullest and make them feel like they are somebody in this world. Being a bad parent would be the complete opposite. To completely neglect your child and make the feel worthless is the number one thing that anyone can ever do to be considered a bad parent. 2.Some responsibilities that could be the toughest would probably be waking up each and every morning thinking how are you going to put food in the children's stomach, when is the deadline to pay the bills. Parents have a lot of responsibility that i wouldn't even be able to pin point them all. Trying to be there for each and ever

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