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TDA 2.9 1.1 1.2 1.1) Describe the policies and procedures of the setting relevant to promoting children and young people's positive behavior. In every setting the must have a behaviour pocily as it is a legal requirement.This will tell what the staff will do if any situation occurs within the setting. These guidelines are in place for the staff and parents to understand all the codes of condust that are in place.The behaviour pocily needs to be read and understood by staff to be consistent with all techniques to encourage positive behaviour and be consistent in the use of intervention techniques and set a good example to the children and be good role models.In my setting they have many different guidelines e.g Safeguarding children (…show more content…
With positive behaviour around, children find it much easier what is expected of them. Starting from a young age having boundaries with children is crucial so as they grow they will know what behaviour is acceptable and what behaviour isn't. They need consistency so that way staff have to work close with partent/carers to let them know what boundaries we have in our settings and try and get the partents to use our techniques at home so the children dont get confussed. Children need a lot of consistency in their lifes to help them know what is good behaviour. This also helps children take responsibility for their actions and also they are part of the process. Settings must have fair boundaries for different ages as 1-2 year olds wont understand some of the rules/boundaries while 6-7 years olds will know the different between right and wrong, most 6-7 year olds understand the rules and what behaviour is acceptable where as 1-2 year olds wont understand about boundaries or rules are. You will have to take the appropriate boundaries and rules for different ages to help them understand what behaviour is acceptable and what behavior
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