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Eulogy for Lennie Smalls For those of you who don’t know me, I am George Milton. Not only was Lennie my best friend, he was like a brother to me, and I to him. Lennie’s aunt Clara was a good friend of mine, so when she passed on, I promised I would look after him. He was the kindest, gentlest soul I had ever met, and he never meant any harm to anything or anyone. He was also known to sometimes find himself in sticky situations; the last of which being when he petted Curly’s wife’s hair a little too violently, but he never wished harm on anyone. I am just sorry no one else knew Lennie quite like I did to know he never did anything bad on purpose, he just did it because he didn’t know any better. I already told this next story to Slim, but for the rest of…show more content…
A little while back, George and I were up in Weed, not doing anything in particular, when the big fella saw a pretty red dress on a girl that was passing by, so naturally, he went over to feel it. At first, the girl just seemed a little puzzled, but her confusion quickly turned into panic when she realised that Lennie didn`t want to let go of her dress. We ended up hiding in a ditch because the poor girl thought Lennie was going to hurt her and started screaming. That’s how we ended up here on Curl’ys ranch in the first place. Another thing that I am going to miss about Lennie is how trusting he was, and not just in me but in everyone who ever told him anything. He was as strong as ten men, always did what he was asked, and never complained or doubted the request. I suppose that is why he got a job at the ranch. I bet none of you had ever seen anyone bag barley as fast as Lennie. You see, me and him, we said we were going to save up some money, and buy a ranch of our own one day, and I promised Lennie that he would get to take care of the rabbits that
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