Are Rose Mary and Rex Good or Bad Parents? Good

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Parenting. This word strikes fear in a number of young parents because it’s a whole new level of responsibility; many worry that they will not be good parents and will not be able to raise their child properly. Rex and Rose Mary Walls, from Jeannette Walls’ memoir The Glass Castle, are extremely strange people who live their life differently and it would seem like raising children would be a failure for them, but in the end, their kids grow up to be very decent adults. Both of Rex and Rose Mary are good parents because they demonstrate that they care about their kids very much, they raised them to be smart and able to see things for more than they are. The first thing that makes a good parent is not how you discipline your child or what classes they take, but it is to show that you care about them. Rex and Rose Mary do have interesting parenting methods, but like all loving parents, they treat their kids with love and care and not like nuisances. Rex has a very vivid imagination and before bed time, he shares some of it with his children who in turn look forward to his stories: “Tell us a story about yourself, Dad” we’d beg him”(Walls 24). Rex’s stories must be extravagant to have the children “beg” for him to tell them one, meaning that they enjoy his stories a lot. In other words, Rex cares about his kids and puts in effort to come up with these stories, just to make them happy. When parents truly love their children, they do not intentionally abuse them in any way. Only once throughout the entire memoir, had Rex abused his child and when he did, Jeannette “…expected him to turn and walk away…” (220). Jeannette expects her dad to simply walk away, implying that he has never whipped her before. Of Course the only reason that he did it was to discipline Jeannette, so he had never once took out his anger on his kids, even during his drunk rages; he cared about them

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