Me And Lennie In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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Me and Lennie came from Weed today. That Go damn bus driver dropped us off at least 10 miles from the ranch and told us it was just down the road. God if I ever see that driver again I’ll break his neck. Me and Lennie found a nice place to sleep last night under the stars. If Lennie hadn’t been so bloody stupid we’d till be livin’ in Weed off the fat of the land, But Lennie had to do somethin’ wrong as usual didn’t he? Stupid bastard, I sure hope Lennie don’t go grabbin’ no other girls just to feel a damn dress. He better not get any damn idea about Curley’s wife. Curley’s already onto Lennie. I do love Lennie but its hard movin’ from ranch to ranch with him there all the time; 24/7. He’s always with me which means I can’t get no girl or nothin’ like that. Poor guy, don’t know no better. I told him if he ever gets in any trouble to come back to a spot in the brush. Lennie sure is bloody stupid though. Earlier he was carrying around a dead mouse in his pocket just because he wanted to pet it. I took it away and threw it in the river and he picked it right up again, thinking I wouldn’t notice when the ends of his pants were soaking wet. We just reached our new ranch. The boss was…show more content…
Lennie’s a nice guy, he wouldn’t hurt no one on purpose, he wouldn’t hurt a fly, I know he wouldn’t mean to cause no trouble, but if Curley starts somethin’ I’ll tell Lennie to fight back ‘cos I’ve seen guys like him before. Guys like Curley need to be taught a lesson. I aint gonna let Lennie get beat up by Curley for no ‘cos that aint right. That wife of Curley’s worries me too. I heard she always gives everyone the eye; I’m worried that she might give Lennie the eye and he might do somethin’ stupid again like he did back in Weed. I just hope Lennie won’t make any more stupid mistakes so we can make enough money to buy our own land and not have to move around. We’ll be livin’ off the fat of the land
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