John Steinbeck Relationship Between Of Mice And Men

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Author: John Steinbeck was an American writer born February 27, 1902 in Salinas Valley, California. He spent 6 years in Stanford University without gaining any sort of degree. After that he decided to move back to California to start writing. His first novel got published in 1929 and his last 70 years years later in 1989, 21 years after his death. He died Desember 20, 1968. His most famous works are; Of Mice and Men (published 1937). The Grapes of Wrath (published 1939). East of Ede, (published 1952). Of Mice and Men has been made into a movie three times. First time in 1939, he second time in 1982 and then a third time in 1992. Introduction: What I will be writing about is the book “Of Mice and Men.” The relationship between the…show more content…
The whole book circualtes around it. There is also, of course, the ranch Lennie and George start working on. The two friends, Lenni and George, set on a journey together. They are gonna go and get work on a ranch located in California’s Salidas Valley. They had previously been working in a town called Weed but had to leave because Lennie tried to pet a girls dress, just like he used to pet mice. The girl had gotten scared and tried to run away but then Lennie had gotten afraid himself. And when Lennie gets afraid he starts holding things harder then he already is. The girl had gotten away but Lennie had ripped her dress and she, of course, screamed rape. George often mentions that life without Lennie would be much better. He could have a steady job, a girl and he wouldn’t get into trouble so often. I do believe though that he wouldn’t have it any other way and that he’s very happy that Lennie is with him. When they get to the ranch they meet the boss’s son. His name’s Curley and he’s a rather thin, small man. He takes an instant dislike towards Lennie because he’s so big. He’s newly married and apparently his wife is a “tart.”

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