The Inecure Husband In Raymond Carver's Cathedral

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Raymond Carver’s “Cathedral” is about an insecure husband that is threatened by his wife’s friendship with a blind man named Robert. Robert’s blindness is a symbol of the couple’s marital disconnect. They did not communicate effectively, which is essential for any healthy marriage. The narrator’s wife worked for the blind man ten years prior in Seattle. They have remained close friends throughout the years. Often, the wife and Robert made voice recorded tapes to keep in touch with each other. The connection she had with Robert was what was missing in her relationship with her husband. Robert’s impending visit forces to the surface the marriage’s disharmony. In the opening paragraph, the husband states, “I wasn’t…show more content…
He constantly masks his problems and never deals with them. Sadly, many marriages lack the aspect of communication. In this story, if the couple would have expressed their concerns with one another, there might not have been such “blindness” within their marriage. The wife would recognize and deal with her husband’s self-doubt in regards to her friendship with Robert. Also, if the husband wasn’t using substances every night, he would realize that his underlying problems are not with Robert, but with himself. However, the couple always evades their issues. Robert is an innocent bystander in this story. He is not aware of the miscommunication that the couple is having. He is a catalyst that brings the couple’s problems to the surface. Yet, the narrator has to blame someone for his marital problems, so who better than a blind man. He does not realize that his problems were already there before Robert’s visit. A married couple needs healthy outside friendships. However, a successful relationship does hinge upon the ability to agree on expectations and boundaries in those friendships. If one person disagrees, it must be addressed immediately.
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