The Importance Of Honesty In The Film Lantana

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A great deal of honesty is important between spouses and is needed in order to sustain a happy loving relationship. The film Lantana clearly demonstrates this through the characters of Leon who initially is dishonest of his affair to his wife, Sonja, but manages to confess and eventually saves his marriage, and John who is hardly honest with his wife, Valerie and thus did not end with a happy marriage. The film also shows how honesty builds mutual trust in relationships, as evident with Nik and Paula by, and is another main element that comprises a firm marriage. Honesty plays an important role in reigniting a passionate relationship. Sonja is not satisfied with the dispassionate marriage she is having with Leon as she describes it as merely “going through the motion”. She also suspects Leon of having extramarital affair and once Leon confesses his “one night stand that happened twice” their marriage breaks. However, because Leon hardly tries to communicate with his wife about his inner feelings and thoughts, it is this rare courage of honesty and his latter efforts that save his marriage. Honesty also acts as a tool that penetrates their respective emotional walls that are set private to each other. After…show more content…
Like Leon, Jon keeps all his inner feelings and thoughts to himself after his daughter, Eleanor, has been murdered. However, unlike Leon, he never shares his feelings with Valerie until it is too late to do so. It is his inability to communicate effectively and honesty with his wife that drives their marriage further apart and causes her to suffer from all sorts of mental problems such as paranoia, confusion and fear. Though he confesses that “[he] was home when she called” to Leon, it is too late, his wife has already died. It is the honesty between spouses that is important in order to rectify an already flagging
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