The Blind Leading The Blind: Raymond Carver's Cathedral

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English Composition 1003-10 25 September 2011 The Blind Leading the Blind After first reading Raymond Carver’s short story “Cathedral” one could easily get the impression that the narrator is a closed-minded jerk. After reading the story a couple more times and really considering the position the narrator is put in, I began to realize he wasn’t very closed-minded at all. He was blinded by jealousy. Because society perpetuates the idea that men must be territorial in relationships, the narrator felt that he must do anything in his power to make sure his wife was not ok with a strange man coming to his home. The narrator’s wife observes, “You don’t have any friends. Period” (Pg. 321). If the narrator had friends, he could sympathize…show more content…
The narrator appears to become more insecure with his relationship with his wife the more he considers the relationship between Robert and her. “She told him everything, or so it seemed to me” (Pg. 321). This statement alone is packed with emotion and meaning. The narrator feels that his wife shares too much information with Robert, and not enough with him. That alone is enough to make any man question the relationship they are in as well as the relationship his wife has with Robert. Society says that men in relationships needs to be in control. The narrator feels like he has no control over anything going on in his marriage, which leads to his negative attitude towards the blind man,…show more content…
Society also says that if another man is too close with your wife or girlfriend, you need to do something about it. As soon as we feel threatened we go into defense mode and do anything we can to harm those threatening us without even thinking about the situation. Men, as human beings need to learn to adapt and not always think what society says is what goes. Men have to open their eyes, be cured of the blindness that nature and nurture forced upon us. We need to look at situations from afar, and see what is really going on. This is exactly what the narrator did when he began drawing with

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