Hiring Diversity Conundrum Analysis

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Hiring Diversity Conundrum HRM/531 September 12, 2011 Interviewing and hiring qualified candidates is an important and prevalent Management activity. This scenario depicts a debate between two managers regarding the hiring of two equally qualified individuals, one Caucasian and one African American. Instructors of Management or Human Resources will find this scenario to be a valuable platform to discuss legal issues and biases that can influence hiring decisions and the legal ramifications. Robert Gedaliah has interviewed fifteen candidates to fill the new Customer Outreach Representative position, and narrowed it down to two. He invited Paul Munez, the customer service team leader, for the second interview…show more content…
He reiterates, however, that his reasons are based on merit. He feels Sonya’s high level of enthusiasm may be a detriment to her work performance because customers may be turned off by it. He also suggests that Jacqueline would be better choice because she is married. Paul disagrees but, in the end, Robert states that they will go with Jacqueline and see how it works out. The two generate an interesting debate; however they might lose their credibility because Robert brought the fact that Jacqueline was married which is not job related and could be discriminatory to unmarried applicant while Paul he continually refer about Sonya’s enthusiasm and could be the selling point but this is not also offer any substantial reasons for her preference. One thing that I observed for the two is that Robert and Paul have a very good relationship – when they do have disagreements they are understanding and accepting of their differences and compromise when necessary. Robert doesn’t think too highly of the swinging bachelor persona, but it hasn’t affected job performance – anyway, it’s diversity that makes life
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