The Things They Carried Out Short Story

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I’m having fun Neil is a very outgoing and patient guy. He wants to get married to Diane, but respects her decision of wanting to wait, even though her rejection hurts him in many ways. He feels like her acceptance of marriage, is the only way he will really know that she loves him. Neil is a jealous guy, and he is afraid of losing Diane, while she tries to follow her dream to become a model. He wants what’s best for her, but doesn’t want to see himself get hurt along the way. He likes being in control, and the feeling of Diane’s acceptance and love, is one of the more important things to him. Neil is tired of not being intimate with Diane, and he slightly keeps pushing her towards what he wants, but every time follows regret and suppressed anger, because he knows she’s not ready. He tells her that he’ll wait for her, but it’s not something he’s happy about. He holds grudges against it, but he loves her and therefore he stands by her choice. Diane is a very sensitive, honest and in a way shy girl, she is scared that she might end up, standing in the same position as her mother did, when her father walked out on them. The fear of being alone, heartbroken with a child and no man, when very young is something she tells her mother and herself, will never happen, but deep inside it frightens her. She is in denial, when it…show more content…
I think that when she finally realizes, what she’s tried to deny, and accepts it, a huge weight gets lifted off her shoulders. I think life is about living it to the fullest, and stop denying who you are, and what you want in life. Whether it’s a family or a career you want to achieve. In the end she says “Teach me how to love” and I think that includes the intimacy Neil has missed, but also that she wants him, to teach her how to trust, and how not to be afraid of growing up and following her

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