Groupthink and Aids

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03/29/2013 Case 3: Groupthink and AIDS Rodney Gibson is one of efficient employees in Roberta’s Customer Service Department. After having a physical examination, Rodney was reported having HIV virus, but did not have AIDS – Related syndrome at that time. However, after discovering Rodney’s health situation, lots of parents request YMCA to remove Rodney from his volunteer position as a basketball coach. Andrea, one of Rodney’s coworkers, having her daughter on the swimming team at that YMCA, heard the information from other parents. Immediately, she called for a meeting with her best friends in the department in order to solve the issue. Their decision was asking Roberta to fire Rodney before everyone in the department gets AIDS. Groupthink is a trap that even many smart people and groups have victimized of throughout history, and it happens a lot at workplace nowadays. The lunch meeting of Andrea and her friends was a base of groupthink. The symptoms are peer pressure (In this case, Kent was the opposing member. She said she liked Rodney, and she probably wanted to think about the issue carefully. Kent also expressed the fact that people could not catch AIDS from casual contact. However, after her friends denied the facts, she kept silence. Sometimes, people just do not want to appear unsupportive, thus they would go for the majority), mindguards, inherent morality (Andrea and her friends probably thought they were right in the decision since there was no disagreement from any of the members), self – censorship (Stephanie denied the fact that AIDS cannot be caught from casual contact, she believed they were just saying, so the public does not worry. People keep silent about their misgivings, and try to minimize their doubts about the problem. People would likely follow the majority, “If everyone agrees, so probably my thoughts to the contrary is wrong
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